Beyond the hype, are you enjoying HIP Champaign


Oscar Smith, HIP Champaign, Publisher it is no doubt a critical time for public interest journalism. Trust in the mainstream media has become a major dilemma.

One of the key issues is the disappearance of our local newspapers which could prove to be problematic moving forward.

So it has never been more important to support the likes of HIP Champaign here in Central Illinois. We have one goal and that is to amplify the issues that are important to our local readers. I have worked tirelessly to present stories that can help restore public trust in journalism.

Focusing on the Champaign regions positive local news could pay dividends for HIP Champaign.

So many people say they actively avoid the news when most surveys come out about readership. They say thing like they avoid the news because it has a negative effect on their mood. Further you hear folks say it makes them feel powerless to change events.

In this regard, please share your sentiments with me directly.

Oscar Smith, HIP Champaign, Publisher, 

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